Your Service Panel Upgrades in Glenview, IL

Your Service Panel Upgrades in Glenview, ILEnsure you are up to code and use the use the right equipment for the project when you undergo service panel upgrades in Glenview, IL and surrounding Chicagoland areas. At CM Electric Inc, we are available to deliver top electrical service to homes and businesses throughout the area. By turning to us for your electrical panel and service upgrades, we will regulate power, we provide solutions with a safe and proper installation. Reach out to us today to use our services.

Running at the Right Power

Service panels are used to divide electrical power into different circuits. This important system component helps ensure that you have the right amount of electricity reaching your outlets. Electrical distribution panels, i.e. service panel, load center, breaker box, electrical panel, are used to distribute power, protect circuits from overload and subsequent, damage, prevent fires...

Do You Need a Panel Upgrade?

Due to the safety involved with electrical units, equipment, devices, and systems, it is important to stay on top of your system checks and upgrades. If you are experiencing any of the following signs, it may be time to schedule electrical panel upgrades:

  • Crackling Sounds from the Breaker Box, Switches, Outlets
  • Corrosion and Rust on the Switches and Electrical Panel Exterior/li>
  • Appliances Run at Less than Full Power
  • Lighst flickering, dimming, strobing, lose switches, outlets, open electrical boxes, and exposed wiring...

Distribute the right amount of power throughout your space with our services. Speak with us to request a panel upgrade at your home or business.